Ways to reduce your transportation costs.

High transportation costs don’t necessarily mean that the fuel cost is high. You could be paying a reasonable price for fuel but still find your overall transportation costs are too high for comfort. Even if you own a small vehicle, transportation costs will still consume a big chuck of your monthly income. It is therefore prudent to save money however you can on such a major expense. Here are some tips to help cut down on your transportation costs.

Use public transport.

Public transportation means are a great way of reducing your costs. Not only will you reduce fuel costs when you leave your vehicle at home but also extend the life of your car once you reduce its use. Moreover, you can do this knowing that you are saving your planet. Check out the bus and train routes in your area and decide which is the most convenient. Utilize such means even for just two days of the week, and you will do wonders for your budget.



Sharing the fuel costs is an option you should consider when trying to save. Getting into a vehicle as a family and setting up some designated drop-off points for each member is a great solution. This is a great alternative to having the family members leave with multiple cars that will all add up to your fuel costs. Also, when getting to your workplace, you can liaise with your co-workers and friends to organize a way to share a vehicle.

Treat your vehicle with respect.

Keeping your car in good condition will help increase its fuel utilization efficiency and reduce your repair costs for when things go wrong. Vehicle maintenance practices such as checking your tire pressure before a journey or replacing spark plugs when necessary are therefore paramount. It is also a good idea to polish up driving practices that can harm your vehicle. Avoid making sharp breaks and accelerating too rapidly. Additionally, don’t drive too fast. Keeping a low speed average will improve your fuel economy by a large margin.

Stay on top of your car insurance.

Insurance is a major part of your monthly costs. You should therefore take steps to reduce them whenever possible. Re-evaluate your insurance policy any time you make a renewal and see if you can get a better rate. Circumstances may have changed to make the insurance less risky on the part of the insurer. For instance, you may have gotten a new job that pays more or is located nearer your home hence less daily mileage. Also, make sure you aren’t paying for coverage that you don’t need. Don’t forget to constantly compare your current insurance rates with those of other carriers to ensure you aren’t paying more money than necessary.


Consider car renting.

If you are in need of a vehicle yet you only plan on using it a few days of the week, turn to car hires. It’s an option that will save you a lot of money instead of buying a new car altogether. Setting up a car rent will ensure you only use a vehicle when in need and avoid the heavy costs incurred when buying a vehicle. Furthermore, you don’t even have to worry about the maintenance costs.

Use a bicycle or walk.

When travelling for short distances, you don’t have to use your vehicle. Opting to use a vehicle for short distances will harm your fuel and energy costs. Instead, use such opportunities to exercise and go for a walk or ride your bicycle to the mall. Other than reducing your transportation costs, you will keep yourself healthy in the long run.